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We're growing beautiful, healthy lawns from the ground up.


Lawn Care

Your lawn doesn't just need water and sunlight to maintain the green and healthy look you see in magazines and on television. Grass needs other nutrients to grow lush and thick. Our 6-step fertilization program ensures the right nutrients are delivered, and weeds are prevented from sprouting in the lawn.

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Aeration / Seeding

Compacted soil prevents grass roots from receiving the nutrients grass needs to grow and be healthy.

If your yard has excessive soil compaction, no amount of watering or fertilization is going to give your lawn the look that you’re after. Core aeration pulls soil plugs from your lawn, allowing roots to grow and nutrients to become more available to the grass plant. This will result in a greener thicker lawn. 

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Mosquito Control

Imagine enjoying your lawn without the bites, itching, and swatting. It is our goal to make sure your yard is protected against mosquitos.  With our Mosquito Control Program, we’ll service your property during the peak mosquito months, allowing you and your family to enjoy your yard.


Lawn Renovation

Is your lawn full of weeds and unwanted grass? Would you like you lawn to be lush and uniform? Then a lawn renovation is what you need. Greensward Lawn Solutions has developed a program that will give you the lawn that you desire.

Lawn Strip


Greensward Lawn Solutions

John Benefield, owner, is a Western Kentucky University graduate with a degree in Turfgrass Management. With years of experience on both private and commercial lawns and golf courses, he is knowledgeable and dedicated to his field of work. 



"Greensward Lawn Solutions is a knowledgeable company with superior work. John is reliable and easy to work with. Thanks to his expertise, our yard is beautiful, and we could not be more pleased with the results. I highly recommend John to all of our friends and neighbors for all their lawn care needs." 

Laura B.


Licensed and Insured

Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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